Hacked By Rebel Team Hackers

The world is doomed by the chaos and crisis that kills the innocence. The blood drips down from the children faces that barely knows a thing or two what a man can do when he's in possession of money and all luxury. How can you bare and mourn the thousands of dead bodies outside your home when you wake up? The families that lost their homes and loved ones is written in their blood to slaughter you next. O Kafirs! Where you run and hide! The Mujahideen has no faint hearts they'll tear you from limb to limb. The children's of this caliphate state will rise and drain the blood from your corpse as you fall. Stop killing the Muslims! Not even your money could afford much to save you especially in the hereafter life disbelievers.

-- greets: Moudjahidin & #FreeMuslims --

Security is just an illusion

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